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LGBT or Ally? Show your support for equality!

Membership in DignityUSA

At Dignity/Indianapolis, we welcome everyone regardless of membership status. But membership has its advantages and joins you with a local and national movement for LGBT equality in our church. By becoming a member of DignityUSA, you support and empower our vision and voice for a church that is welcoming to all. For only $50 a year, you enable Dignity to be the national voice of LGBT Catholics. You also support our local chapter's outreach efforts in Indiana.

Encourage your friends and families to become members of Dignity and join their voice with thousands of other members who are speaking up for justice in the church through their membership.

DignityUSA was represented at the
White House Forum on Global LGBT
Human Rights.You can contribute to
this important work for LGBT justice!

Members of Dignity and Equally Blessed were on hand with a message of equality for World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. You make this powerful witness possible!

What happens when I join Dignity USA?

  • You empower DignityUSA to be the "go to" voice of LGBT Catholics in local and national media.   

  • You help carry our vision of justice to national leaders.

  • You contribute to the building of international coalitions of LGBT Catholics.

  • You enable DignityUSA to advocate for LGBT Catholics with church leaders.

  • You elevate the prophetic witness of LGBT people in Catholic spaces.

  • You advocate for the rights of LGBT employees in Catholic parishes and schools.

  • You support building the next generation of DignityUSA.

  • You become part of a movement for justice and love for all God's sons and daughters!                                                                                                                   

DignityUSA has joined forces with a coalition of Catholic groups to advocate for the rights church employees fired for being LGBT. Your support makes a difference in this effort!

What benefits are there to membership in DignityUSA?

  • You will receive special mailings from Dignity/Indianapolis and DignityUSA, including the Quarterly Voice newsletter and the weekly Breath of the Spirit email reflection on the Sunday readings.

  • You will have a vote in electing Dignity's national Board of Directors.

  • You will receive the member rate when registering for national convention.

  • You support our local chapter, which enables us to fund our liturgies and local outreach efforts.

  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of LGBT Catholics in the church and beyond!

DignityUSA is a member
organization of the Global
Network of Rainbow Catholics,
which will be present in Rome
during the Vatican's Synod on
the Family. Dignity members
have made it possible to send
an American representative!
Young adult members of DignityUSA gathered in Washington, D.C., to build community and discuss their generation's role in the future of our movement and church.The support of many Dignity members and local chapters made this retreat happen!